The Lazy A Ranch is certified by the American  Grassfed Association and Animal  Welfare Approved, and is a member of the British White Cattle  Association of America. Our cattle are from the historic British  White breed, once reserved for the English royalty and aristocracy,  and enclosed in parks.   Our animals are tame, treated kindly,  and live on grassy pasture their entire lives. Most were born on the  ranch. We do not use pesticides, herbicides, routine antibiotics, or  growth hormones. Our pastures are dressed with compost teas and liquid  organic fertilizer for rich biology and nutrients. We produce most of  our own hay. Our animals are fed fresh grass, hay, kelp, alfalfa, supplements and Redmond's sea salt with  minerals throughout their lives.   The Lazy A Ranch is located about one hour from Houston between  Bellville and Hempstead in Austin county. 

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Preparing your order: The finishing process is begun  with alfalfa and molasses for 45-60 days, in addition to the usual  supplements. Typically, our beef will be 24-29 months old and about 1200  pounds for a heavier, more marbled and flavorful beef according to the  protocol of Artisan French labeled beef. They will be individually selected  as they reach full growth and desired heaviness and processed by LaGrange Smokehouse in LaGrange, which is also Animal Welfare Approved. Beef will  be dry aged for 21 days and shrink wrapped for your freezer. 
Beef may be picked up at the  ranch or in Houston, or shipped. Tours are available by appointment.  Pre-orders will reserve your product with a deposit. Please email your  quantity and product desired for more information. Quantities are limited.  An order form is available on the website.

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